When I was eleven years old, my Mother had back surgery which was followed by walking as her therapy.  She needed a partner and that is when I became involved in her care. Mom made an excellent recovery and I found something that ultimately would result in a lifestyle that helped me relax and control my weight.  My interest in nutrition, even then, and the walking became tools that I have continued to use. All these years later, nutrition and exercise are a major part of my life in helping me to have a good sense of wellbeing.

In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and after making some food changes, my blood pressure became controlled and the doctor took me off the blood pressure med. This helped me understand how foods could really make a difference on my health and how I felt. That made an impact on me which would lead to my career in nutrition.

So far in my 25 year career, I have worked in long-term care, kidney dialysis, home health, outpatient diabetes care,  corporate consulting, facilitated group diabetes education, supermarket tours, community outreach and continue with individual consulting.   I provide individual and corporate consulting, including speaking engagements.  My focus is on wellness and nutrition care for health conditions.

          • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
          • Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition from UT Southwestern, (1993)
          • Certified Diabetes Educator, (CDE since 2002)
          • American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach (ACE-CHC since 2016)
          • Managing health issues with nutrition for 25 years


        • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 
        • Louisiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
        • Dallas Dietetic Alliance  Immediate Past President 2018-2019