About Grace

Freelance writing on diabetes and nutrition

For 27 years I have helped clients with health, nutriton, and diabetes through one on one counseling, and now, I am available to write evidence-based content to help you reach out to your audience. 

Helping others always makes me feel good. With writing, I can use my expertise in diabetes and nutrition to continue to help others take care of their health.

When not working on a project, I spend time in the yard, reading, visiting friends and family, or volunteering at a local garden or animal shelter. And, checking out the neighborhood furry wildlife always brings a smile or two everyday.


        • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Diabetes Specialist
        • Bachelor of Science, Clinical Nutrition, UT Southwestern, 1993
        • Bachelor of Science, Home Economics, Northwestern State University, 1983
        • Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist CDCES since 2002
        • Certificate in subspecialty of Continuous Glucose Monitoring
        • Professional Development Course on Copyediting
        • Treating health issues with nutrition for 27 years