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Different Ways to Flavor Water

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Water can be dressed up several different ways to change the flavor and to be cool and refreshing. This clear beverage can help you stay hydrated and it doesn’t supply calories. With more than half of our body weight coming from water, we have to have it for optimal health.  If we are not having enough liquid throughout the day, we can feel hot and tired.  

What does water do for us?

regulates body temperature

aids with digestion

quenches your thirst

helps to flush waste

lubricates joints

carries nutrients to your cells

provides a moist environment for your ears, nose and throat

provides volume into your stomach to help you feel satisfied while you are eating

In the hot summer months we get thirsty and it can be challenging to stay hydrated. These are some beverages that can help:

Bottled or plain water from the tap

Sparkling water such as from a SodaStream machine

LaCroix beverages (plain or flavored sparkling water) which do not contain non-nutritive sweeteners

Plain water that is flavored with low calorie powdered drink mixes or liquid drops

Plain water in a pitcher mixed with a cucumber

Plain water that has been infused with your favorite fruit

Unsweetened tea or tea sweetened with non-nutritive sweeteners

How much do you need?

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM), formerly the Institute of Medicine (IoM) recommends 91 ounces for women and 125 ounces for men.  Most of our water intake comes from beverages, with about 20% coming from the foods we eat. More may be needed if in a hot climate or performing physical activity. There is not a rule of thumb for water itself because we can get it from many other sources as well. For weight control and hydration, non-caloric beverages are recommended.

Tips for a day of hydration:

Keep a water glass handy wherever you are, whether in your car, at work or at home. Fill it in the first part of your day and as it disappears it will help you know how close you are to getting enough fluid. In extreme temperatures it is easy to get overheated. Pay close attention to how you feel and take a moment to cool off and quench your thirst.

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