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How to Find Tranquility Using an Activity that You Enjoy

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As I go walking along one of my normal paths, I am passed by folks I have not seen before. They may be dressed in what I recognize as new workout clothing as well as a nice looking brand new pair of shoes! I used to think that I would be seeing more of them, but then one day, I realized that I would not see them again. Sometimes I think that maybe they changed the time or the route they were walking/running. Since I walk several routes and have been for years, I have concluded that they have not continued with the activity. This is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last.

Working with folks, to set health care goals, I frequently ask that the goal only require that one task be worked on. I have a feeling that I never see new walkers/runners for a second or third time because they set out to do that along with several other things. In reality, it was just too much.

For at least 45 years, I have walked for exercise and have always enjoyed it. Many well-meaning friends have sometimes joined me for a few walks, but have never stayed. While walking, they told me that my steps were too small, I needed to power walk if I wanted to get any benefit from the activity, I walked too slowly, I should be running instead and the list goes on. Years later, I continue to walk and they are not doing any activity. Not good.

Why do I still walk?

Peace of mind

Clearer thinking

Improved mood

Improved sleep

Weight management

Blood pressure and cholesterol management

Overall good feeling, true tranquility

Since I have engaged in running and didn’t care for it, walking will be my activity. No competition, except for myself, if I choose. Another really cool thing about walking is that it doesn’t require athletic ability which is good because I don’t have any. There is not one sport I am good at. Remember when you were in PE class and you had to be chosen for a team? So who do you think was the last to be chosen? ME. By the way, I hated PE.

Getting to the finish line isn’t what I set out to do. Instead it is a daily activity that is looked forward to. My goal is just simply overall good health. Whether you enjoy walking, running or some other health benefitting activity, continue it. Doing it for one day or one week isn’t the answer for improved health. Find an exercise that you like because that is what you will find a way to continue. Also, instead of taking on too much and accomplishing nothing, you may want to try choosing just one thing and going for it.

I wish you well on your journey towards your own good health.


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