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Ten Tips for Weight Loss Success in 2018!

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You made your resolution to lose weight once and for all in 2018 and that can change quickly as a hectic schedule seems to take over your life and logical thinking. Sometimes the immediate thought, is that you just can’t do this, well that is not the case at all. Many times, the issue is that you just set yourself up to do way too much. Success with weight loss, can begin with small changes, not dieting. Diets don’t work. Think how many times you have tried the dieting route in the past and yet, here you are starting over. You may have lost it, but then regained the weight that was lost, plus a few more pounds. The beauty of small changes is that they are subtle and help you succeed in making changes so that the weight stays off.
These are tips that can help you reduce calories and be successful. See which ones can help you out:

Order a smaller size coffee

Be mindful of the serving size of creamer

If at home, eat from a smaller plate

Keep fruit on hand and eat it (between and with meals)

When dining out, use side dishes to create your meal for smaller portions

If using alcohol, know how much you are consuming, the calories are high

Use low calorie or non-caloric beverages such as water, our number one source of added sugars is sugar sweetened beverages

Order regular sized portions in place of super-size

Include beans once or twice a week to help provide fullness

SLOW down, taste your food and enjoy it

These can all be easier than you think if you do one at a time. Remember, small changes will help you to form new habits. I practice these, but I didn’t start out with all of them at once. When you are ready, you will begin. Keep it simple and you will succeed with your weight loss goals.


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