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Grace Rivers has been an exceptional help to me, there’s no doubt. She’s a thoughtful and kind professional who actively listens and builds a sense of teamwork in your journey to better nutrition. Too often, stories abound of people seeking weight loss and submitting themselves to risky surgery or an in-fashion diet simply to look thin. But Grace is much different in her approach and advice. She doesn’t give you an “off the shelf” solution, but rather carefully crafts a path with you based on goals and education to attain fitness, weight loss, and quality of life goals. She is a genuine nutritionist in every sense of the term, and has your best interest in mind. I’m very glad for the guidance she’s provided me. If you seek her out, and I highly recommend you do, you’ll find that she can be that person in your corner that can really affect significant change in your approach, understanding, and consumption of food.

Don – Dallas, TX

Thank you for your help in providing me direction on how to eat better. Your guidance is providing ways for me to meet my personal goals of losing weight, in which I have lost 23lb already. Your method also gives me the confidence that I am eating right, while meeting my targets. Thank you so much!


I met Grace when I began suffering with intense kidney stones.  I did not realize at that time everything she was teaching me would be put into play with the rest of my family.  She had never worked with kidney stone patients and went straight to work learning all she could.  Finding that a low sodium diet can reduce the stones, Grace began sharing recipes, where to buy low sodium foods and teaching what to eat.  When I felt like I had failed, she always had a positive outlook on things.  We talked about my favorite foods and how I can make them healthier for my body.  In July my husband went into congestive heart failure.  My low sodium diet then had to become OUR diet.  I was terrified with my husband’s failing heart, but not nervous or dreading cooking low sodium meals for him.  With everything Grace taught me, my kidney stones have reduced drastically and my husband received a wonderful report from his cardiologist this morning.  Thank you so much Grace for your patience and kindness.  You have been such a blessing to me and my family.

Megan Williams

Grace was a lifesaver to me. I was very out of shape, unable to exercise and had problems with asthma. Over the last year with Grace I have lost almost 40 pounds. I can do 2 miles on the treadmill and work out. Now, I am off my diabetes meds and my doctor says I am in better condition than 5 years ago.

Barbara R.

I was very surprised at how much I learned when Grace and I went grocery shopping. I realize now how many years I have been grocery shopping on auto-pilot. For instance, Grace told me to be sure and eat before we went, and it made quite the difference. I have always shopped on the way home from work before having dinner, and I was amazed at how much more focused I was on what I really needed while shopping with Grace. The best part of the experience to me was that I learned how to save money and also make better choices. I hear over and over that healthy eating is more expensive, but I discovered just the opposite on our shopping trip where I actually saved money. I know that I will continue to use what I learned on our trip as I try to strive more toward a healthy lifestyle.

Taylor R.

15 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Grace Rivers, a dietitian that came to work for our hospital and home health agency.  During the course of time, she helped me develop the Diabetes Self-Management Education Program for our hospital.  Through our journey, Grace helped so many individuals control their blood glucose levels, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and overall health.  Not to mention she spent a lot of time with mother’s diagnosed with gestational diabetes and their unborn child for a healthy outcome.  Grace has an outstanding background knowledge of nutrition, anyone would benefit from her expertise. 

Lesia Stowers RN, BSN, CDE

Grace Rivers provides informative, practical nutritional advice for healthy living strategies. I have worked with Grace for over 2 years successfully losing weight and learning ways to incorporate healthy menu choices into a busy lifestyle. My husband lost 65 lbs. working with Grace and was able to reduce his Type 2 diabetes medication to the lowest possible dose. Her friendly personality makes her approachable for any question you may have.

Nancy H.

Working with Grace has helped me feel better, look thinner, and most importantly…smile bigger!

Elizabeth – Fort Worth, TX