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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Sweetheart

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Valentine’s Day gift giving has arrived and the chocolates and other sweet goodies are all around.  I have seen several clients who are working on losing weight that they gained over the holidays and adding more candy could leave them feeling frustrated by the time all the candy is gone.  While I love sinking my teeth into a sweet mouthwatering chocolate delicacy, I know that too many candies and there could be health consequences.

Looking around to see what else would be available as gifts for your sweetheart, I found a multitude of gifts that will bring many future smiles. To start with, flowers are beautiful and they don’t have to be roses unless that is what your sweetheart prefers.  Some soft, silky lingerie is a lovely gift.  The aroma of cologne is about in most department stores and available online.  If your significant other likes to stay fit, new sports clothing is always welcome as well as any exercise gear. This could be a simple as a yoga mat, hand weights, foam roller, a phone carrier, exercise tracker, etc.

If you have more to spend for Valentine’s Day, there is always a weekend getaway to a hotel or nearby town. A bed and breakfast is always nice. Also, with these getaways, you don’t have to go now, but rather, just show that you have future reservations.  Your hotel may have spa treatments available for you to splurge on as well.  Other gifts are jewelry or bubble bath.

If you just want to say “thinking of you”, movie tickets or a stuffed animal are delightful. A very small box of chocolates with a single balloon attached can always brings smiles.

Whatever you decide on as a gift for Valentine’s Day, remember that you want your recipient to be pleased with the gift as well as healthy.

As far as the candy, one small, sweet chocolate delicacy is a nice finishing touch to any of these non-candy gifts.